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Telegram Chat/Channel

Join the official Telegram channel today!

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We will use telegram to push updates, news, beta builds, and more.

Hopefully having a more interactive approach to the community will

allow us to fix bugs, add new features, and discuss ideas with the community!


We have resolved issues regarding inabilities to launch forge

with version 1.13 and up. We apologize for the delay with these


We are working on a new server list tab within the launcher

to allow the ease of finding offline servers to play on.

Thank you all for your continued support and patience


We apologize for the inconvenience with not being able to launch 1.14+ versions.

The issue should be resolved with v4.300

If you still have problems please submit a bug report!


Unable to Play bug

We are aware of a bug caused by: duplicate key: null

and we are working on a fix asap

Thank you for your patience


You won’t notice any large changes if you launcher was already working smoothly. However, you’ll notice a nice, refreshing dark theme option.

Other changes include bugfixes. A full changelog can be seen on the update page.

We have some cool projects coming in the next update! Thanks for using shiginima launcher!

v4.100 Hotfix

Incompatibility with versions under 1.9 has been fixed. Thank you for your patience!

Visit to download!

Shiginima SE v4.000 Bug

We are aware of incompatibility for versions below 1.9 that incorporate twitch integration, and are working on a hot fix at this time.

We apologize for the inconvenience. For now, if required please use v3.100 if you would like to play these versions.

Shiginima SE v4.000 released!

Please report bugs with the link in the sidebar.

Note: You MUST have Java 8 or higher installed for this version of the launcher. Java 8 is required for minecraft 1.13.

We hope you enjoy the launcher and thank you for your continued support!

News about 1.13 Update - Compatibility

We are finalizing updates for the launcher and a 1.13 compatible update will be launched by the end of this week. We apologize for the wait and thank you all for your patience!

In a few days we will release a pre-release update of the launcher in order to ensure functionality before making a official release. Stay tuned!

V3.100 Is out! 1.9 Compatibility Added

If you are having issues with the update button, click below to download!

General News

Hey guys! 

We are working on an update to the launcher soon, which should bring you working 1.9 snapshots as well as preparing for compatibility with 1.9 itself!

Also, we have created a youtube channel which will house Tutorials and previews for upcoming releases. You can find it at

We are also working on some new features, however they won’t be in the next update! They are still going to be a long way (*Cough skins cough*)

v3.000 Released!

As always, thanks so much for all your support! Please share our launcher with all your friends, and remember to purchase minecraft if you can!

Also as a side note, our main email we used ( was compromised, and all emails that were sent out from them was NOT us. Please disregard emails from from this point forward. We apologize for this!

For further bug reports, questions, etc. Email us at our new email at:

Or visit our website at and visit the support links!

Update: Fixed the update links, we apologize!